The M8 Metadata project

Disclaimer: The information presented on this site in general and in the M8 Metadata report in particular is presented without any guarantee as to its correctness. It should be noted that the information in the image files may change at any time, this is outside of my control. This work has not been endorsed by Leica Camera AG.

The M8 meta data project was started to see if the rumoured estimated shooting aperture really is recorded in the image files produced by Leica's M8. It is - at least it still is in version 1.110 of the M8 firmware. There is also some other interesting items being recorded in the M8's maker notes.

In order to do this I have had to work with all of the M8's metadata. The information which I believe to be contained in the maker notes makes up most of the report. Where I have seen errors or have suggestions I have also noted this. Discrepancies and errors in metadata stored in the predefined/public tags are also listed as is a wish list of information I believe would be beneficial to have in the image files but is not present at the time of this writing. And finally I discuss the the guesstimated aperture - or "g-stop" recorded in the image files by the M8 where it makes a decent attempt at trying to figure out what aperture was used for a shot.

The full report is available in PDF format here

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